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Chili Cook-Off: Fall Edition

Calling All Cooks….enter our Chili and Salsa Cook-off on Saturday, November 5!    Contestants must register here  

Not a cook?  Free samples will be given for the People’s Choice vote following the 8 pm turn in.  Cook-off takes place in the Food Court & outdoor East Apron.

Categories for 2022: Homestyle, Chili Verde, Salsa

* $1,000 Grand Prize plus spot in the ICS’s World Championship Homestyle Chili Cook-off
* $500 – 2nd place
* $250 – 3rd place

Chili Verde:
* $1,000 Grand Prize plus spot in the ICS’s World Championship Homestyle Chili Cook-off
* $500 – 2nd place
* $250 – 3rd place

People’s Choice Chili:
* $250 Grand Prize
Salsa: (must be home-made no store bought salsa allowed)  
* $500 Grand Prize plus a spot in the ICS’s World Championship Salsa Cook Off
 * $250- 2nd place
* $100 – 3rd place

 Contest Details:  

  • Arrival Time: You can arrive anytime after 1:00pm to start setting up.
  • The event takes place in our food court & outdoor East Apron.  We have a side entrance (on the left side of the building near the loading dock) that allows you easy access into the food court entrance for quicker set up.
  • Mandatory meeting at 3 pm in the food court for all Chili cooks – you must be present!
  • Meat may be pre-cut or ground but MAY NOT be pre-cooked, treated, seasoned or marinated in any manner.
  • All other ingredients must be prepared/chopped on-site from during allotted cooking time. Cooking time is 3 total hours per style. Homestyle: 4-7pm; Verde 5-8pm
  • Garnishes must not be used on what is turned into the Judges.
  • Please remember to bring all your cooking equipment. If you are using a propane camper’s stove you need to bring a class K extinguisher.
  • We do have sinks, garbage cans for everyone to use. Please treat these items as if they were in your own home.
  • You are welcome to bring an additional table or two for you to use.  We do have electric, please bring extension cords if you need access to electric.
  • You must prepare 32oz of chili to be submitted for ICS judging.
  • Turn in times: 6pm Salsa; 7pm Homestyle; 8pm Verde
  • Entrant must be 18 years or older
  • Contact Raryan@playmeadowlands.com    with any questions.
  • People’s choice voting begins at 8 pm following official judging – small tasting samples given, 1 sample of each chili – one vote per person.



Nov 05 2022


6:00 pm
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